Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Day at Methodist Specialty Care Center (Sherita Owens)

Often times, we as individuals, do not realize how blessed we are. We find ourselves constantly complaining about the heavy loads of life. Those loads may be school, work and caring for a child. While driving to the Methodist, I was frustrated with everything going on around me. When I entered the Methodist Center, all of my frustrations went completely out the door. I finally realized just how blessed I was. All of my complaining and feeling stress about school and work felt small compared to not being able to walk or care for myself.

The patients at the center were friendly and high spirited even in the mist of their circumstances. Their warm smiles and endless laughter, brought joy to my heart. As our class passed out goody bags, we joked around with the patients. They were comical and ready to have a good laugh. The most memorable moment is when Madd Drama, a theatrical club at Jackson State, performed and told the story of puppy love, teenage love and mature love. The Methodist patient's eyes lit up with joy and appreciation.

 Even though they are dealing with a life circumstance, they continue to enjoy themselves and live life to its fullest. I admire that in the residents at Methodist. I walked away with a valuable life lesson. Even though life presents you with circumstances, embrace it and learn to appreciate the journey with a humble spirit and a SMILE. Life is too short not to enjoy!

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