Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day at Methodist Specialty Care Center (Lauren L.)

Having the opportunity to be of service to the patients at the Methodist Specialty Care Center was the best part of my Valentine’s Day this year. I admit I was a little worn out by 5 pm with having been in class and interning all day, but being there with my classmates, the patients, and fellow volunteers really woke me up! Not only did MADDRAMA put on an entertaining show, they really gave us some things to think about when really being in love and growing up in its mist. 

I will have to say, however, that my FAVORITE part was going door-to-door to deliver the toiletries and the perfume to the female and male patients. It was an unexpected community service, but one that will be hard to forget. I usually try to stay away from any hospital-like environment, but this community service as motivated me to “come out of my shell” if you will. Just being there, and seeing how appreciative those people were, really made me count my blessings. They were all so welcoming and just loved the little 5-minute attention that they received from our class. It was also really funny to me how attached they were to things that I myself enjoy! It was hard to walk down the hall and not hear music, or walk into someone’s room and see a “Twilight” poster or a Saint’s Football flag. I really have to give kudos to Sherita for giving the female patients their perfume consultations. That gesture probably made them feel loved, and gave them something to smile about on Valentine’s Day!!!

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