Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Day at Methodist Specialty Care Center (Sherita Owens)

Often times, we as individuals, do not realize how blessed we are. We find ourselves constantly complaining about the heavy loads of life. Those loads may be school, work and caring for a child. While driving to the Methodist, I was frustrated with everything going on around me. When I entered the Methodist Center, all of my frustrations went completely out the door. I finally realized just how blessed I was. All of my complaining and feeling stress about school and work felt small compared to not being able to walk or care for myself.

The patients at the center were friendly and high spirited even in the mist of their circumstances. Their warm smiles and endless laughter, brought joy to my heart. As our class passed out goody bags, we joked around with the patients. They were comical and ready to have a good laugh. The most memorable moment is when Madd Drama, a theatrical club at Jackson State, performed and told the story of puppy love, teenage love and mature love. The Methodist patient's eyes lit up with joy and appreciation.

 Even though they are dealing with a life circumstance, they continue to enjoy themselves and live life to its fullest. I admire that in the residents at Methodist. I walked away with a valuable life lesson. Even though life presents you with circumstances, embrace it and learn to appreciate the journey with a humble spirit and a SMILE. Life is too short not to enjoy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day at Methodist Specialty Care Center (Jamilah V.)

Valentine's Day is a day for love, for giving, and for showing those you care about just how much you care. On Monday February 14, 2011 love is exactly what I felt at Methodist Specialty Care Center. I had the chance to experience and be apart of a great event. It was very touching to see the smiles and to hear the laughs from the patients there.

Upon arriving at MSCC I didn't think I would enjoy myself. Honestly, I was tired from all the school work and was just ready to go take a nap. But once the patients rolled in to eat dinner things begin to change and my spirit was uplifted. As they ate I went around taking pictures and I met some nice people. Then the entertainment began and the place got live. I really enjoyed the show that MADDRAMA Performing Troupe put on and the patients did as well. That was a wonderful thing to know. 

Once the event was over a few students from my Special Projects class went upstairs to give those who didn't make it to the show little Valentine's Day gifts and this is the moment where I really was touched and got teary-eyed as I begin to think about some of the things people including myself take for granted in life. To see some of the patients in a great mood inspite of their circumstances was an eye opener. Knowing there were patients at MSCC my age who still did/participated in things inspite of their disabilities was an eye opener for me as well. Life is not worth taking for granted. 

It made me greatly happy that I had a chance to partake in something as heartfelt as that. To see those less fortunate than me smile was breathtaking. I loved every moment of my time at MSCC and I would love to attend regularly.

Valentine's Day at Methodist Specialty Care Center (Ronnika J.)

My experience was one to remember. I enjoyed every aspect from writing the show to performing the show. seeing the looks on the patient faces was the best part. It made me want to do more community service like this one. I hope that i have the opportunity again. Even though the show was about love, what i got from it was giving back. I feel that the donation of toiletries was a great idea. I will make sure to visit this place again.

Valentine's Day at Methodist Specialty Care Center (Tamika S.)

To be apart of something bigger than myself was much more rewarding than getting a huge pink teddy bear, with roses, chocolates, a bottle of champagne, and a card that says I love you. I felt that this was the year I step up and show my love to someone else for a change. Seeing smiling faces and hearing sounds of laughter made my Valentines day a true gift of love. I gained just as much as I was given. I can say I'm way more thankful.

Valentine's Day at Methodist Specialty Care Center (Lauren L.)

Having the opportunity to be of service to the patients at the Methodist Specialty Care Center was the best part of my Valentine’s Day this year. I admit I was a little worn out by 5 pm with having been in class and interning all day, but being there with my classmates, the patients, and fellow volunteers really woke me up! Not only did MADDRAMA put on an entertaining show, they really gave us some things to think about when really being in love and growing up in its mist. 

I will have to say, however, that my FAVORITE part was going door-to-door to deliver the toiletries and the perfume to the female and male patients. It was an unexpected community service, but one that will be hard to forget. I usually try to stay away from any hospital-like environment, but this community service as motivated me to “come out of my shell” if you will. Just being there, and seeing how appreciative those people were, really made me count my blessings. They were all so welcoming and just loved the little 5-minute attention that they received from our class. It was also really funny to me how attached they were to things that I myself enjoy! It was hard to walk down the hall and not hear music, or walk into someone’s room and see a “Twilight” poster or a Saint’s Football flag. I really have to give kudos to Sherita for giving the female patients their perfume consultations. That gesture probably made them feel loved, and gave them something to smile about on Valentine’s Day!!!

Valentine's Day at Methodist Specialty Care Center (LaTara T.)

This was the first time in my career doing community service. When I spoke with Ms. Cheryl Reysack, a resident at the MSCC, it set something off in my heart that made me realize how blessed I am to be able to take care of myself. We as people take all we have for granted. For example, we have the ability to walk, run, feed ourselves and whatever other physical abilities. When I saw the residents faces light up during the MADDRAMA, I was thanking God for us being able to make them smile, laugh and enjoy themselves. My true emotions came out when we went and visited the residents individually and passed out goody bags. The smiles and appreciation grabbed hold of my heart and didn’t let go. Though all the residents touched my spirit, the lady with the Tinkerbell d├ęcor in her room and her high spirited mood particular remained visible in my day. At the end of the day, I remained thankful because everybody is not as blessed as I am and people at Methodist Specialty Care Center are the inspiration I need to help me recognize my blessings.